Diablo III is one of the most anticipated games, dare we say, ever.  The violent, dark and demonic Diablo and Diablo II were huge hits on the PC, and the third installment looks to bring more blood, gore and action to owners everywhere.

But when a game is that violent, is there a risk of reducing your audience to only those of an older age   Is there a way that parental controls can actually make it into this game, and not just by turning red blood green.

According to game director Jay Wilson in an interview with Wired, they sure as hell will try.

From Wired:

Wilson: We intend to have people to be able to tone down the actual gore levels. In terms of whether we go beyond that, we ll probably do something. But we haven’t really gotten into a specific design for it yet, so it s hard to say.

Wired.com: Are you thinking it’s possible to turn off the blood completely? Or simply change the blood color?

Wilson: Yeah, we re going to have to be able to turn off blood, change the color and things like that, because you can’t have red blood in some regions, regions that we would very much like to sell the game in. So we definitely build everything, that every bit of gore, in a deposited manner so that at a future date, we can go through and change it all or turn it off. In terms of what kind options we give, we actually give within a particular version. We’ve haven’t nailed it down, but if you turn down the gore, you can actually change it to not have red blood. That seems to be really the sticking point for a lot of people because a lot of times we use blood as feedback. And so if we take that out, that actually hurts the gameplay. But we can change the note of that feedback so that it s something that people are more okay with.

Parental controls in Diablo III?   Think of how Gears of War 2 could be handled with parental controls   Pretty tough without cutting whole chunks of the game and making everyone a robot.

But we’re game for anything that increases the potential market for these games, and are very interested to see what Blizzard does when the game comes out sometime next year.