The delay of Duke Nukem Forever was handled in a tongue-in-cheek fashion by the developers at Gearbox Software. However, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford would like the world to know that this wasn’t some last minute marketing stunt designed to exploit the reputation of the famously delayed title.

“No trick – we believed May when we announced it,” said Pitchford. “There is always uncertainty and we use experience and trends to help us be predictive. We are not perfect when it comes to predicting uncertain outcomes, but we are perfect at being committed to our goals and working relentlessly towards them.

“I think we may have been able to force May, but we think that would’ve introduced risks that would not have served gamers who have waited as long as we have to finally play Duke Nukem Forever. We are driven by fans who are as anxious for the game to finally be released as we are,” he insisted. “The continued support of our fans does miracles for our morale and that drives quality and performance. It’s for the fans that I am confident this slight schedule adjustment is the right thing to do.

Source: Eurogamer