Anarchy Reigns has had an interesting existence, being conceived as a title designed to fill a gap not really fulfilled in the current market as a multiplayer brawler. All things were set for the game to have a simultaneously worldwide release . . . but Sega decided to push back the release outside of Japan. It was a long wait, but Sega attempted to soothe over hard feelings with a $29.99 price point along with some pre-order bonuses. We talked with Aaron Webber, Associate Brand Manager on Anarchy Reigns, who gave us the details in promoting Anarchy Reigns.

What’s the feedback you’ve gotten to the $29.99 price point of Anarchy Reigns?

The feedback has been great. For a game like Anarchy Reigns, which focuses on quick, enjoyable brawler combat mixed with Platinum Games’ talent, there’s huge value in a $29.99 price point. We’ve seen great reaction to it from both consumers and reviewers alike.

What was the strategic decision for releasing Anarchy Reigns in early 2013 instead of Summer of 2012?

We determined that early 2013 would be our ideal launch window, similar to the release timing of Bayonetta back in 2010. Of course, while this made business sense, it wasn’t all roses; it meant fans would have to wait longer than their Japanese counterparts to enjoy the game. We decided that given the wait, a $30 price point made even more sense, as we really did want to thank fans for their patience.

So far, we’re off to a great start. It’s been a relatively quiet start to the new year for gaming, which means a lot of room for us to make some noise with Anarchy Reigns!

Did Sega get a good response from GameStop pre-order bonus for the game?

Yes, we got a great response: Bayonetta proved to be a very popular witch! Pre-order sales were above expectations. Special thanks to all the fans out there who went out to pre-order!

Is it the hope that Anarchy Reigns will fill a niche in online multiplayer that isn’t fulfilled by any other game?

In many ways, Anarchy Reigns carves out its own respective space in the world of online brawlers. I think it definitely fulfills a certain place in the hearts of fighting gamers worldwide. Whether your thing is the rather chaotic (hence “Anarchy”) 16-player Battle Royale, or some of the more traditional modes like Team Death match and Capture the Flag, there’s a little something in there for everyone. We’ve even got a nice “Football meets fighting” setting called “Death Ball” mode for the sports fans.

There were a lot of character trailers for the game, demonstrating not only the characters but also some of the game’s unique soundtrack. Do you think these helped create excitement for the game over the past year?

Absolutely. Strong characters are part of what makes any good fighting game shine, and Platinum Games did a great job in making each character in Anarchy Reigns varied, unique, and entertaining. Seeing characters like Jack and Blacker Baron from MadWorld make their returns was also very exciting.

I know Sega wasn’t responsible for these, but do you think the videos that Platinum Games ran on their own website for the game helped keep gamers informed for Anarchy Reigns?

Everything helps. From videos like the ones Platinum Games posted to being involved in forum threads discussing the game, all these pieces of the puzzle are what come together to form a greater success for the title.

With the presence of Bayonetta, Jack and other characters from Platinum titles, do you think that helped create awareness and bring people to the game who may not of been interested in it?

Most definitely. Jack and his crew garnered the attention of many MadWorld fans, and Bayonetta’s inclusion as a pre-order bonus went swimmingly. Having well-known characters like these really helped get Anarchy Reigns on the radar, and that means a lot for a new game that consumers aren’t yet familiar with.

Aaron, thanks.