Freshdesk has announced that it is debuting the MobiHelp for iOS developers. Designed to help with customer support with mobile applications, it is designed to be a comprehensive help desk platform.

“Consumers don’t spend much time trying to figure out apps. If they don’t get it within the first few minutes, chances are they’re never coming back,” says Zach Baker from Ultragalactic Corporation, a current Freshdesk customer. “With MobiHelp, we get to share solutions with our users, and they can talk to us directly from the app.”

Freshdesk MobiHelp SDK is free to integrate into apps, and has support and CRM in every mobile application. Freshdesk converts each user feedback into support tickets where developers can mark status and manage their progress and MobiHelp automatically pulls in the user’s app and device ID so that developers receive details about the user’s environment. Freshdesk’s MobiHelp constantly monitors for crashes and sends automatic crash reports directly to the developer. In addition to in-app support, developers can use Freshdesk to support users through email and their website and even engage them on social media.“Smart devices and social media together have been able to connect people across the globe and break geographic barriers. Yet, users need to create new logins, use different tools and generally jump hoops just to give feedback to developers for apps they use everyday,” says Freshdesk CEO, Girish Mathrubootham. “Freshdesk MobiHelp brings the critical piece of user engagement right inside the app, and bridges the gap between iOS developers and the users of their apps.”