After 13 years of being banned in the country, China could very well be allowing game consoles back into the fold.

The country has approved a new plan that would allow consoles to be sold, as part of the tie-in with the free-trade zone news that came out of Shanghai last week. The only catch is that game developers will have to set up their gaming operations within the Shanghai free-trade zone, with the agreement highlighting that certain area of the country.

The ban initially took place in 2000, when the government showed concern about the content of certain international games, like Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat, and the effect that the violence could have on younger children.

Such a move could easily open up a new corner of business for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, with billions of dollars of revenue opening up through millions of new buyers. This could also be a big move for next-generation consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, due for release worldwide between this and next year.

Source: The Next Web