Facebook gamers are plenty busy these days between such games as Angry Birds Star Wars, Candy Crush Saga and Marvel’s Avengers Alliance. However, that isn’t stopping them from indulging in a little television-based fun.

USA Network is reporting that it has received over one million views from a two-week campaign on Facebook, giving social gamers virtual rewards across 30 different games for simply watching a video that ties in with its new crime drama, Graceland. Following a commercial for the show, viewers could take a tour of the undercover officers’ house, where they’re stationed during the show, as well as learn more about the cast and see select scenes from the show. In return, extra game time and better status updates were provided for their favorite games.

“People who consume social games represent a massive but diverse and highly engaged audience,” said Alexandra Shapiro, EVP, marketing and digital at USA Network. “The ability to laser-target these authenticated users and enable sampling of our content is critical to driving interest and intent in an increasingly disaggregated media landscape.”

Graceland currently airs Thursday nights on the USA Network.