The first winners of the Games Journalism Prizes have been revealed in Christian Donlan from Eurogamer, Jason Schwartz at the Boston Magazine and Tom Bissell at Grantland. Nominations for next year’s awards are now open at

“We’re glad that we’re finally able to announce the winners of the Prizes,” said advisory panel member Dan Griliopoulos. “The three winning pieces are exceptionally good, but whittling down from the longlists and shortlists was no easy matter – many thanks must go to our long-suffering judging panel for reading over a thousand submissions during the last ten months. Given the quality of writing about games so far in 2013, this year’s prize is promising to be even more difficult to judge.”

“This has been a lovely surprise, and I really appreciate it. With Night and the City, I was very lucky to be handed a story that not even I could screw up, and I was equally fortunate when it comes to the editorial team at Eurogamer, who are always willing to take risks with features,” noted Donlan. “If you strip away all the family history and the indulgence in what I wrote, I think what you’re left with is an example of the sheer power of games – of how they surprised my dad with the things they could be, and took him back to the era he grew up in. That sort of thing is always worth writing about, hopefully.”