Microsoft’s Project Natal has tremendous potential, but the hands-free device also has its skeptics. Scot Bayless, for one, is not optimistic in the slightest.

“When I met with Microsoft in 2008 to look at Natal I asked, ‘when will you integrate this into the 360 ‘” said Bayless. “Their response was, ‘we’re probably going to wait and see on that.’ To which I said, ‘then you’re going to fail.'”

Bayless, who has experience at Sega, Microsoft, Midway and Capcom, thinks that fractioning the market with a peripheral will put off developers. “Plays like this always fragment and the disincentive to developers is powerful; when I’m spending tens of millions on a game, the last thing I want to do is lose 90 percent of my market,” explained Bayless.

If Natal retails for $149 as rumored, it will make success all the harder.

Source: NowGamer