Twitch is one of the ideal names to turn to when it comes to game broadcasting and special events – although, soon, it may not be the only game in town.

A new company called Gaming Live has ventured forth, attempting to offer video live streaming services for gamers, as well as e-Sports associations and developers.

The company has already raised $30,000 in seed funding through the Dubai-based Turn8 Accelerator program, although it’s looking to raise $1 million in an upcoming funding round.

It intends to launch its first services in June through demonstrations, and a full launch some time after that, where gamers can sign up and use it to broadcast. It plans to stand apart from Twitch by providing users to generate revenue on their content without having to meet certain criteria.

“(Gaming Live was) created using the highest-quality standards on the emerging technology,” said Gaming Live chief technology officer Marek Tuchalski. “This will allow Gaming Live to optimize costs and lower the potential risk associated with streaming traffic consumption.”

“Gaming Live will be something that our target group expects from a video streaming platform of the future,” added Gaming Live chief operating officer Krystian Berg. “Solutions introduced by our company will not only be interesting for the gaming fans but also the companies and content producers, who will have tools to interact with gamers and reach them effectively like never before.”

More details on Gaming Live can be found on its official page.

Source: VentureBeat