In an effort to expand its social network, Google has announced that it has added Google+ integration to its Google Play store for Android devices. Still in the process of “rolling out over the next few days” according to the company, the update will provide a number of new features where users will start seeing recommendations and app usage from friends.

This includes having access to an activity page in the Google Play Store, where you can check out all the content you’ve reviewed and rated, along with seeing more recommendations from friends and family. Of course, this will be helpful to game publishers trying to get viral audience growth, and it will encourage the spread of Google+, too.

“Have you ever asked a friend for a recommendation for a movie to rent or a new book to read ” said Google’s documentation on the update. “We’re rolling out a new version of the Google Play Store app which makes it easier for you to find and share recommendations with your friends and family.”

The update is being provided free of charge.

Source: The Next Web