Google and Facebook continue to fight over a number of social categories these days, including general media posts and video, but when it comes to a defined leader, it appears that Google continues to hold the lead.

That’s according to a new Top 30 Global Media Owners report, posted by Publicis’ ZenithOptimedia. The report indicates that the company is the best major media supplier, despite Facebook’s rapid growth, according to Mediapost.

Google holds a sharp lead in the top spot, with a 136 percent growth over the previous year. Meanwhile, Disney is in second place, holding a 115 percent increase. Comcast is in third place with an unreported percentage, but all three appear to be ahead of Facebook, despite its increase in video business and users. (It’s in the number ten position.)

The top 30 are reported below, and a number of companies have presence on the list, including Time Warner, CBS Corporation, iHeartMedia and Discovery.

“Google has benefited from the rising sales of smartphones and tablets, making its central search function available to consumers on the move — especially useful for shoppers looking for price comparison — and allowed consumers to view content at times and places most convenient to them,” said the report. It also added in regards to Google, “This has created new opportunities to target them with display ads, another important component of Google’s business. But the main beneficiary of the transition to mobile has been Facebook, which is the fastest growing of our top 30 media owners. Facebook’s media revenues grew 63 percent over the past year.”

Will these numbers stay the same next year Disney continues to show dominance in the retail and producing front, and with Star Wars gaining more ground, it could easily take the lead. Meanwhile, Facebook’s video division continues to grow, and could move it up the top ten rather handily. That said, Google still has a large grip, and isn’t likely to loosen it anytime soon. Next year’s numbers could certainly be interesting.