According to mobile ad developer Heyzap, their ads are now featured in well over 800 games, and that number is increasing steadily. To show how steady their growth is, only three months ago they were featured in 350 games. They have grown to be featured in over 100 percent more games than they were in March, and they are still growing. The overall number of impressions they have is growing with the number of publishers using their ad interface, according to founder Jude Gomila.

The advertising Heyzap offers moves beyond just showing another game in between sessions of Words With Friends (big publishers like Zynga and DeNA use Heyzap). Heyzap tries to recommend games that users would want to play based on collected data shared on Heyzap’s social platform. Users are shown games that are not only paid to be promoted, but that gamers would want to play based on their gaming habits. The number of games being added to their library of games, in addition to their ability to market to people likely to play marketed games makes them a powerful tool for getting a game discovered.

Gomila’s not shy about offering his opinion of mobile advertising. “We think most mobile ads suck,” Gomila said. Heyzap is bent on helping marketers change that state of affairs.

Source: TechCrunch