Hideo Kojima has tried swearing off of the Metal Gear Solid franchise since the first one, but he’s always been pulled back in to a more involved role. Currently he’s producing Metal Gear Solid: Rising and also writing and directing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker though there have been some doubts over whether he’ll be more fully involved in a Metal Gear Solid 5.

A comment by Metal Gear Solid: Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama about the place of his game in the over arching canon, however, raised the possibility of Kojima’s continued involvement. “I’ve been asked a lot, ‘Is this going to be a side-story or spin-off to the MGS series ‘, but what I’m positioning is that there will be a Hideo Kojima game that is MGS, but what we are planning as Kojima Productions is have this Raiden Rising as almost as a standard so that there’s an MGS and the Rising going back-and-forth in the future.”

When asked about this, Konami USA simply responded, “Hideo Kojima will continue working on Metal Gear Solid games, meaning he’ll be involved with whatever comes up after Metal Gear Solid: Rising in some capacity.

Source: Shacknews