Retail sales have been poor of late in the U.S., diminishing in each of the last three years. However, Insomniac Games studio head Ted Price isn’t pessimistic, and he thinks the climate is forcing people to look to new avenues, like he is doing with Outernauts.

“Based on the quality of the games I’ve seen, the doom-and-gloom we’ve heard from various folks over the last few months about the console industry seems to ring hollow,” said Price. “It makes me very optimistic about the fall and the holiday in terms of great titles.”

“I think everyone is experimenting. I think what we’re seeing is more flexibility and a willingness to break down conventional thinking when it comes to distribution and monetization across the board. Whether it is across the board on Facebook games or console games, everyone who will succeed will probably be very flexible in their approach,” added Price. “For us at Insomniac, if you had asked me 5-7 years ago about being in the social gaming space, I would have said ‘what social gaming space ‘ Things have really moved fast and we as a small company have the great opportunity to move with it and react very quickly and do things like bring big games with console sensibilities to a new audience.”

Source: GamesIndustry International