There has been some debate as to whether video gaming will become the dominant form of media in the 21st century. However, Junction Point Studios head Warren Spector doesn’t think games will supplant more passive media.

“The implicit question – the one you’re really asking – is, I think, whether games will supplant television as the central entertainment medium of the 21st century in the way that television supplanted radio and movies in the last century,” said Spector. “There, I think, the answer is no.”

“The internet, speaking generally, may replace television, but I don’t believe interactive entertainment will ever take the place of linear media,” added Spector. “The fact is that games are work. You have to, you know, interact, to make things happen. And as fun and appealing as that is, most people don’t want to work for their entertainment – they want someone ELSE to do the work. It seems inevitable that some interactive elements will spill over into linear media, and it seems likely that delivery systems for linear content will change, but games as games are a different animal, complements to linear media, not replacements for them.”

Source: IndustryGamers