Enterbrain data for game console sales in Japan shows Sony and Nintendo fared well after hardware price cuts, but not Microsoft.  Reported by Kotaku, the data shows sales increases by percentage for the period between each manufacturer’s price cut and the week ending October 11, 2009.

Sony lowered the price of PS3 by 25 percent in early September.  It has since seen a 707 percent spike in PS3 sales.  Sony also lowered the price of PSP in Japan by about 15 percent, driving up sales of the handheld by 126 percent.  Nintendo Wii got a bump from its 20 percent price drop on October 1, seeing sales increase by 29 percent since the cut.  Microsoft dropped the price of Xbox 360 Elite by 20 percent in early September and saw an initial increase in sales.  Sales of 360 have since dropped by 70 percent.

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