We haven’t heard much from Square Enix’s troublesome duo Kane & Lynch since they tore up international waters in Dog Days a few years back, but they could be causing trouble on the big screen soon.

It’s reported that F. Gary Gray, who directed such films as The Italian Job and Law Abiding Citizen, has taken over the reigns for the film, and two ideal cast members are already talking about taking part – Vin Diesel (Riddick, Fast & Furious) and Gerard Butler (300, Law Abiding Citizen). Diesel would play Lynch, while Butler would take on the role as Kane.

The movie’s been in development for some time now, since 2007. Back then, Bruce Willis was prepped to start in the film, and Jamie Foxx jumped on soon thereafter. However, the director at the time dropped out afterwards, leaving the project in abandonment.

Here’s hoping it picks up again, since we’re not likely to see a new Kane & Lynch game following the downsizing of its developer, IO Interactive.

Source: Eurogamer