A lot of advertisers are on board with Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War, and for good reason—it’s already made $1.05 billion at the box office, with more money set to arrive over Memorial Day weekend. But one promotion that’s winning fans over is with Kellogg Co. and its Civil War-themed virtual reality game.

The cereal maker partnered with Marvel to present not only the VR game, but also a separate viewer, either designed with Captain America or Iron Man, letting fans choose a side as they’ve done in previous Civil War promotions. Fans simply need to join Kellogg’s Family Rewards free of charge, buy three participating products (Cheez-It, Keebler, Kellogg’s or Pringles), and then register for the viewer.

Captain 3 Captain 4

The general goal of the game is to defeat Crossbones and his crew of mercenaries using characters that include Captain America, Iron Man and an unlockable Black Panther. However, unlike most VR apps, this can be played with a standard phone in a traditional mode without the need of a headset.

“The Kellogg’s Marvel’s Captain American: Civil War VR game is one of the most compelling brand implementations of VR I have seen thus far,” said Michael Becker, mCordis managing partner, speaking with Mobile Marketer. “They have reached new heights in putting the fun back into the functional of branded apps.


“The great thing about this initiative is that they have produced a connected marketing program that can connect, engage and influence individuals, at scale,” he said. “To enjoy the experience all someone needs is a smartphone, which most of us have, and a VR Viewer, which is easily obtainable by purchasing a participating Kellogg’s product and submitting the receipt to receive a free viewer (or you can use a variety of viewers, like Google Cardboard).

“Once you have the viewer in hand, the fun comes alive. You enter the world of Captain America and with your Capital America, Iron Man or other superhero powers are immersed into a 360-degree virtual gaming experience, including relevant Kellogg’s branding.”

It’s a step in the right direction for marketable PR, as well as introducing fans to a more casual version of VR, complete with access to an affordable yet still effective viewer. And having Marvel imagery certainly doesn’t hurt, considering millions of fans still appreciate the Marvel franchise, and are a big reason why the Civil War film is such a smash hit.

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Could we be seeing more VR-related promotions from companies in the future? Considering the effectiveness of the Civil War campaign, it’s very likely. It’s just a matter of what experiences can be presented, as well as the franchise that they’re tied in with.