Strategy Analytics asserts that the number of tablet computer shipments increased from 10.7 million units to 26.8 million units year-over-year for the final quarter of 2011. While Apple sold 15.4 million iPads, Android saw its share increase from 29 percent to 39 percent during that period, due in large part to the Kindle Fire, which is believed to be 40 percent of all Android tablets.

Amazon takes the focus away from the device and operating system, emphasizing content, a differentiated consumer experience and commerce,” added Flurry’s VP of Marketing, Peter Farago. “For its launch, it lined up key content such as Facebook and Angry Birds, as well as offering Amazon Prime, its own streaming TV and movie service.”

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has an advantage over the Samsung Galaxy Tab that results in 2.5 times more paid downloads. “Upon launching the Kindle Fire, consumers must either link to their Amazon account or enter credit card information,” added Farago. “This makes the user base 100 percent payment enabled.”