There was initially some pushback over the price offered for Kinect ($149.99 or 129.99 British pounds). However, U.K. retailers are saying they’re getting great pre-orders for the device.

One large chain is apparently hoping that stores can get 10 pre-orders a day, and that they expect to have a half million in the pipe by launch. They are now saying that the price tag is reflective of the product s playability and appeal to a wide range of customers.

“The feedback we’ve had so far from our customers is that they feel the price is appropriate to the product,” described Grainger Games sales director Phil Moore. “We have taken a large number of deposits for Kinect already and it is set to become our biggest pre-order to date. This tells us the device s appeal has not been affected by the price point.”

“Based on our orders thus far, customers are clearly excited by this offering and price and quite rightly so,” added The Hut Group’s head of business development Sarah Jasper.

“Retailers are confident that cynics will be won over the minute they experience Kinect in person. Kinect is a fantastic piece of technology and we believe that once people actually try it for themselves, they will understand the full scope and value of what it offers them,” said Game Group’s U.K. MD Martyn Gibbs.

Source: MCV