We’ve seen a lot of LEGO sets make their way to store shelves over the past few years, including countless Star Wars and Batman offerings, as well as recent pieces of coolness like LEGO Back To the Future and Lego Ghostbusters.

Now, the company may have just made its biggest announcement yet with a move into Springfield. LEGO Simpsons playsets have officially been confirmed for release in 2014, though specific play areas and characters haven’t been revealed just yet. You can bet the Simpsons clan will show up, joined by countless Springfield citizens made famous by one of television’s most popular programs of all time.

A few folks in the LEGO community aren’t too pleased with the announcement, starting an online thread in the Lego community to voice their displeasure with concerns over The Simpsons‘ somewhat mature content. However, that’s a small group compared to the large amount of people excited for the toys, waiting to get their hands on characters like Mr. Burns and Dr. Hibbert.

We’ll see what announcements are made in the months ahead. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Itchy and Scratchy will make the cut.

Source: Leg Godt