Line has become a reliable message application across 230 countries, and this week it announced that it has reached a monumental number of users with the program.

At a press conference in Tokyo, the company confirmed that the app has reached 300 million registered users, which is up from the 200 million it was at four months ago. That means, in a matter of approximately 120 days, it has picked up 100 million users – nearly a million users a day. It is important to note that these are registered users, not monthly active users (MAU), so the count is probably inflated somewhat (the company previously said its MAU in Japan was 80 percent of its registered users).

Line’s CEO Akira Morikawa stated that the company has an even loftier goal in 2014, hoping to reach 500 million registered users – quite the milestone, but one that’s definitely in reach since it’s “accelerating exponentially.” Line said global downloads across all its games exceed 220 million, and game-related payments account for 60 percent of its revenue (Line is now bringing in nearly $100 million in revenue a quarter).

The company also stated that markets where the service isn’t exactly thriving, including the U.S., aren’t the focus of growth at the moment, as “It is necessary that users understand the value of our service first.” Still, the option to offer more options to expand its services isn’t out of the question.

Source: TechCrunch