eSports have come a long way from being just a niche, as Major League Gaming has reported a huge leap in online video consumption and engagement time.

The company has reported that the stats have grown larger than NCAA March Madness Live online, and ad performance has surpassed industry standards through its MLG.TV channel.

Video consumption managed to rise 262 percent over last year’s numbers, and over 1500 percent since 2010. More than 54 million hours of MLG-hosted video have been consumed, compared to 14 million hours from NCAA’s channel. Finally, the channel had a 90.7 percent completion rate, compared to the industry average of 74 percent completion, with a 2.1 percent click-through rate for MLG ads, compared to the general 1.1 percent.

The next year should be even better with more tournaments and events broadcasted through MLG.TV.

Source: MLG.TV