There’s a growing trend on YouTube where some folks go to extremes to review the latest toys on the market, whether they’re dolls, action figures or some other form of child’s play thing. Some of the videos are delightful, others can be a bit weird – but in a likable sort of way. The Frozen dress-up doll kit review below should give an idea of just what people are up to.

These videos are getting a great deal of attention – and Disney’s Maker Studios is certainly award of this. The network has signed up five of these “toy review” programmers to join its fold, according to Re/code.

The likes of such channels as DisneyCarToys, among others, have grown quite a bit in popularity, with over 140 million views in a month’s time, as well as one million subscribers for that one unique channel alone.

“Unpacking” videos have grown in popularity over the years, to the point that some, like StyleHaul, have created a lucrative business from it, as that company’s equity has reached around $150 million.

The companies involved – DisneyCarToys, HobbyKidsTV, TheEngineeringFamily, ToysReviewToys and AllToyCollector – will receive a major push from Maker, allowing them to get bigger distribution. As a result, the company will benefit with greater ad revenue.

From a press release, Maker has vowed that the company is “working to incorporate new and existing partners into creator empowerment and access programs across Disney divisions.” So it could possibly sign up even more partners in 2015 if this program comes to financial fruition – including the popular DC Toys Collector, who used to go under the name DisneyCollectorBR. There’s no official word on this just yet, though.

For now, Maker definitely wants to keep the unpacking trend going – especially with a larger, beneficial audience that may be interested in picking up said toys. Hey, Christmas is coming, after all.