March Madness basketball games went up against the season 2 finale of The Walking Dead. Both TV programs ended up being a big win in social media circles.

The Walking Dead Season 2 finale fared a lot better than the zombies did on the show,” writes “Despite, or maybe because of, going up against the last games of ‘March Madness,’ first weekend, AMC scored big on social media circles with nearly a half-million mentions.”

Bluefin Labs indicates that CBS and its three partner networks airing the NCAA Tournament saw 2.46 million social media comments in the first two rounds. The Walking Dead pulled 489,141 mentions throughout the day and 366,844 during air time; by contrast, the best individual game on the social side was Purdue vs. Kansas, which pulled 129,066 social mentions throughout the day and 99,940 during the game itself.

The most-buzzed moment was Lehigh taking out Duke, pulling 289,000 social media comments, according to Bluefin. SocialGuide Intelligence reported that people in the Eastern and Central Time zones sent out more than half of the social comments around the NCAA games.

The Colorado vs. UNLV game, which saw a team from Mountain Time vs. a team from Pacific Time, saw over half its social mentions from the Central or Eastern time zone. CBS should take solace from a social media perspective, since the Sweet 16 has all of its teams from the Eastern and Central Time Zones.

Source: Forbes