Wreck-It Ralph features Nintendo characters like Bowser, but Mario and Luigi are absent. Director Rich Moore indicates that if the franchise has a future, Mario and characters like Link and Samus might just appear.

“I think to them that those are like their Mickey Mouse and I don’t know that they are, like Clark [Spencer, producer] said, if they are legally kind of bound by another project that they are working on or something . . .” said Moore. “I don’t know if they were like ‘No, we don’t want them in there. We are against them being in it,’ I just think that there are other things they are doing with them that made it difficult or impossible to get them in there and maybe it will be a situation like Barbie not being in the original Toy Story and then maybe after they see it, if all goes well, they will say ‘If you’re doing a sequel, we would like to have these guys in it,’ which we would love to have.”

Source: SlashFilm.com