Brand awareness is one of the hottest new trends in marketing, mainly because, well, it’s making customers more aware of the power of said brand. A majority of marketing professionals is looking to boost their spending when it comes to said trend, somewhere over the next twelve months. At least, that’s according to a recent August 2014 poll from InsightExpress.

The poll indicates that nearly 56 percent of eMarketer daily newsletter readers and visitors have stated interest in spending more on branding-related activities over the next year, while another 27 percent feel that maintaining current spending levels is the right thing to do. That shows the effectiveness of brand awareness, as well as its demand with audiences, as well as global business expansion efforts and spending on events.

That’s just in the U.S. as well — those polled in Latin America and Asia-Pacific are even more compelled to spend more money on brand awareness, with 59 to 60 percent of respondents looking to utilize it. Demand generation was also quite high in both of those countries, as they indicated they would invest in that as well.

So who was the least likely group to use brand awareness to their advantage Surprising enough, it’s Canada. There’s still a majority there, with 51.1 percent of marketers that planned to spend more on it, but demand generation fell a bit with only 33.7 percent of those polled in support of it.

As a result of said poll, demand generation has fallen a bit, with only four in ten indicating they would spend more in that department.

But the focus here is on the growth of brand awareness, and over the next 12 months, consumers shouldn’t be surprised to see an increase in this regard for various companies.

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Source: eMarketer