Marketo’s new software is based around three main principles, as stated in its demo video: Generating leads, accelerating the leads into becoming a customer, and increasing retention to bring in greater revenue. This is a marketing system that is meant to understand customers and create a dialogue. It utilizes various tools like mass emails, webinar setup, and page creation services to attempt to make using these three pillars of marketing simpler.

One of the most important parts of the software is its use of metrics. Marketo looks at the demographics being targeted, and gauges interest from them so marketers can focus on interested parties and bypass uninterested ones. In today’s social society, marketing isn’t just about telling people about a product: it’s about engaging with customers about the product. Marketo’s automation of some of the process is a step forward in the automation of engaging interested customers, but will it be able to synthesize actual interest in the customer

Game companies can use this not just for online sales, but also to help increase community satisfation and perhaps drive sales of virtual goods. These sorts of tools can have broad usefulness in the changing ways that games are being sold.