While the physical idea of a transporter hasn’t been created yet (sorry, Star Trek fans), Marriott is prepared to offer the next best thing, with an announcement that will virtually take their guests places.

Marriott Hotels has announced that it has partnered with Academy Award-winning Framestore to create a new virtual travel experience, powered in a fully immersive 4D format supplied by Oculus Rift headsets. (Oculus Rift is considered the leader in the forthcoming virtual reality race, as Facebook has invested $2 billion in the technology.)

With the new program, travelers can step into the virtual Teleporter, a space that resembles a phone booth, and slip on an Oculus Rift headset to experience another location, creating an experience similar to “being there” – even when they’re not.

Framestore, experienced in the field of video effects and creative content, teamed up with marketing agency Relevent to create the virtual reality experience, working in conjunction with the Oculus Rift tech. To do so, it needed to create a technique for recapturing 3D live-action video in a 360-degree format, and then mixing imagery with CGI and 4D elements, including heat, wind and mist, to complete said experience. Users interested in learning more can visit the official Travel Brilliantly page, or watch the video below.

“Marriott Hotels is pioneering the use of innovative technologies that will transform the guest experience to heights unseen in the current reality experience in unprecedented ways, “said Michael Dail, vice president, Marriott Hotels Brand Marketing. “Marriott seized on virtual reality and teleportation to give the next generation of travelers the clear cut notion that more amazing travel experiences are coming and to encourage them to co-create the future of travel with us on TravelBrilliantly.com, where their best ideas enter Marriott’s innovation pipeline. Together, we are pushing the limits of what is possible.”

The Teleporter will tour eight different Marriott locations, ranging from New York to San Francisco, between September and November, before being rolled out as an official program.

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