Massive and comCore today released findings from a study highlighting campaign results for Bing. The study also shows off comScore’s AdEffx Action Lift for Gaming, a digital advertising measurement methodology for in-game ads made with Massive.

The study suggested that Massive’s in-game ad campaign for Bing was successful, leading to higher traffic and query searches. The study also had results from Interpret LLC that show ad recall, impact to gamers, and increased brand and engagement metrics.

“We’ve always known that Massive’s broad in-game network is a powerful force in helping brands successfully engage with the hard-to-reach gaming audience,” said JJ Richards, general manager at Massive. “Now, we can precisely measure gamers’ response after seeing those in-game ads, in the same way marketers like to measure their other media. These apples-to-apples results validate just how good in-game ads are compared to more traditional media.”

The number of new gamers using after watching the in-game ads increased 108 percent, of which 66 percent were new to the search engine. 71 percent of gamers recalled seeing the Bing ads and 60 percent of gamers had a positive opinion of Bing after seeing the in-game ads.

“The gaming community embraced the in-game ads and interacted with the brand,” said Kirsten Ward, director of digital advertising for Bing and MSN at Microsoft. “The campaign exceeded our expectations across the board. The fact that we’re able to measure that kind of ad effectiveness is truly compelling for brand marketers.”

The Bing in-game ads ran in several Xbox 360 titles including DJ Hero and NBA 2K10, during November 2009 to December 2009. Full results from the campaign can be found at -case-study.

“We believe the AdEffx Action Lift for Gaming research methodology is a ‘game-changer’ for in-game advertising,” said Mike Hurt, senior vice president at comScore. “Companies will now be able to measure campaign ROI in a standard, comparable way to other digital media and further realize how effective and influential in-game advertising is at reaching targeted gaming audiences.”