Social media presence in business can be a big deal, as the ability to communicate with consumers and spread a message effectively can make all the difference in sales numbers. Recently, IAmWire posted an infographic, which can be found below, that breaks down which social media platforms are taking off when it comes to eCommerce sales.

According to the numbers, Facebook has the highest conversion rate and majority of orders emerging from sales. This is something the company predicted a while back, when Mark Zuckerberg had stated, “If I had to guess, social commerce is next to blow up.”

Facebook also has the biggest market share, with 63 percent based upon 23.3 million visits, followed by Pinterest and Twitter with smaller percentages. Reddit has the smallest count, although 4.5 percent is still nothing to scoff at.

As far as what kind of orders are placed on the Facebook site, a majority seem to come from photography with 98 percent, followed by sports and recreation with 94 percent, pet supplies with 94 percent, and dropshipping with 93 percent. Other categories that are high on the list include jewelry and watches (92 percent), clothing and apparel (87 percent) and food and beverage (86 percent).

The average order value seems to be highest on Polyvare, with $66.75 on average, across 436 orders. Meanwhile, close behind are sites like Pinterest ($58.95), Facebook ($55 even) and Reddit ($52.96).

Conversion rate plays a big part, and Facebook has the biggest out there with 1.85 percent, followed by Vimeo and YouTube with 1.16 percent each. Coming up low on the list, again, is Reddit, although it doesn’t have as big a video division as the other sites — though that is likely to change over the next year.

However, Facebook doesn’t dominate every single industry. YouTube has a strong hand with digital products, services, merchandise and automotive; Reddit has a good lead with electronics and appliances; and Twitter has home and office furnishings, home and garden, and gifts and specialty leads over its main social rival.

The full infographic is below, and also breaks down the top products that are big sellers across the board.