Danger Close is using the Frostbite 2 engine to create Medal of Honor Warfighter. While the engine was created by DICE to service the Battlefield franchise, EA senior creative director Richard Farrelly was keen to emphasize how they wanted a unique look for Medal of Honor Warfighter.

“We have our own challenges switching from one engine to new technology,” Farrelly admitted. “But like you said, the truth is in the pudding. Through a little hard work learning their stuff the result is the game looks great and plays great. I think we have our own signature look; I think it looks a lot different from Battlefield even though it’s on the same engine. It’s more intimate, but we still have some of the same elements that they have like the micro-destruction and the amazing lighting.”

“We work very closely with the Frostbite team – we’re all in the same boat,” Farrelly added. “We’re helping to make it a better engine on our end as they are. We work very closely with them and as I said, we’ve got some former members of DICE working with us.”

Source: CVG