Google Glass certainly has gotten some attention following its release, but now Microsoft is looking to get a piece of the high-tech eyewear market. Microsoft’s version would no doubt look different than Google Glasses (pictured), and the functionality will no doubt be different as well.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the company is looking into creating its own Internet-connected eyewear. Though a final model isn’t likely to be released anytime soon, Microsoft is currently working on various models of hardware from suppliers, putting together potential prototypes.

“Fortaleza Glasses” were previously hinted at in a leaked Microsoft document from last year, with possible connectivity to the new Xbox One system and its Kinect device. However, nothing is official at this time.

We’ll keep you informed once this eyewear becomes a reality. In the meantime, the Xbox One arrives in several markets, including the U.S., on November 22.

Source: Wall Street Journal