It seems that no matter what platform it’s released on, Minecraft performs record numbers. Minecraft: Pocket Edition has easily pushed its way into the top ten for both Android and iOS devices alike; Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition continues to be a best-seller on that platform; and the game has been well-received on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well.

Now, it could shake up the virtual front as we know it. At yesterday’s Oculus Connect event, founder and CEO Palmer Luckey announced that Microsoft’s hit game would be making its way to the Oculus Rift sometime early next year. Although a specific release date and price point weren’t given, more news is expected on this port very soon.

This is huge news for virtual reality, as it gives players the chance to play one of their all-time favorite games in an all-new format, using immersive 3D to build objects within Minecraft’s blocky world, while occasionally fighting off creepers and teaming up with friends.

Furthermore, it will be the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft, according to Luckey, which could open the door to more potential partnerships with console game makers. Oculus announced previously in the year that it would make Xbox One games compatible with its Rift device, {link no longer active} through the presentation of a virtual game room. This could be just the beginning for Oculus and Microsoft’s team-up. (Imagine a Halo game that utilizes the headset.)

Even though the virtual reality market hasn’t fully launched just yet the Rift, along with the HTC Vive and Sony’s recently renamed PlayStation VR (which could also see a port down the line, considering the company’s previous efforts with Mojang), are set to launch next year this could bring big news for it, as Minecraft has been nothing short of a best-seller on other platforms, mainly due to the creativity it provides to its players.

We’ll see where Minecraft virtually takes us in just a few months’ time. Mind the Creepers.