Welcome back to another round of Mobile Game Highlights, where we look at the best mobile game releases of the week. Here are five titles that shouldn’t be missed:

Broken Age (Double Fine, $9.99, available for iOS and Android)

Due to the immense success of its KickStarter campaign years ago, the developers at Double Fine were able to return to the “golden age” of point and click adventures with its PC release Broken Age. Now, that experience comes to mobile devices, completely intact. Featuring an all-star cast (including Jack Black and Elijah Wood) and plenty of brain-tickling puzzles, Broken Age returns to a simpler time of gaming. Its price may be steep in mobile terms, but the value players get back is immense. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Jurassic World: The Game (Ludia, free-to-play, available for iOS)

With the soon-to-be blockbuster film due for release next month, Universal Pictures and Ludia decided to build the hype behind Jurassic World with a coordinating mobile release. In the game, players will build their own theme park, meddling around with dinosaur DNA (at their own risk, of course) and earning collector’s cards to earn new goods. A battle arena is also available, in case players are curious to see who the king of the dinosaurs is. It’s a free-to-play title with optional purchases available, so it’s certainly worth a look. And yes, Chris Pratt (or at least his likeness) is in it.

Marvel Future Fight (Netmarble Games, free-to-play, available for iOS and Android)

With Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron cleaning up at the summer box office ($200 million and rising domestically), it’s no surprise that there’s already another free-to-play Marvel game available for mobile devices. In Future Fight, players assemble their team of dream Marvel characters (including Hulk and Iron Man) and face off against a number of enemies across the universe. Special boosts can be acquired either as bonus items or in-game purchases, and new characters can join the fray at any time, heroes and villains alike. Comic book fans will want to assemble for this game.

Bears vs. Art (Halfbrick Studios, free-to-play, available for iOS and Android)

The creators of popular mobile hits Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are back, and this time they’re pitting bears against art! In this entertaining puzzle game, players will take on a series of puzzles, getting past sneaky security measures as they send a bear in to destroy priceless works of art. Featuring plenty of challenges and unlockable goodies, this free-to-play title is a joy for all ages. Art lovers be warned, a lot of work gets destroyed here.

Ys Chronicles 1 (DotEmu, $4.99, available for iOS and Android)

Finally, fans of old-school role-playing games will find a lot to like with Ys Chronicles 1, an adventure that offers hours of gameplay for a meager $4.99 price tag. Originally titled Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen, this adventure features a vast cast of characters, heroic and evil alike, as Adol Christin sets out to save the world. Featuring a beautiful art style, groundbreaking soundtrack and deep story, Ys Chronicles will fit the bill for those looking to get sucked into a grand quest.