Video streaming services are quite popular with gaming crowds these days, and mobile is no exception. A venture capital-backed start-up company called Kamcord has been working with mobile game developers to help mobile players share what they’re up to with ease – and it just got a bigger boost to help things out.

The team has managed to accrue $1.5 million in capital, with another $1 million in seed funding from the likes of Tencent and InnovationWorks, among other companies. With that, the team hopes to better suit its SKD with new social features, including profiles and commenting, in the hopes of opening up a community. Kamcord has already managed to get a number of game developers on board, and the company is hoping that streaming becomes as popular with mobile games as it is with PC games. The fact that both the Xbox One and the PS4 support streaming demonstrates the increasing popularity of the technology.

“We’ve seen what and Machinima have been able to do and we’ve gotten a lot of email from users who just want to see more video content,” Zitzmann pointed out. “So we’re building a solution that’s more of a one-stop shop and rolling it out later this week.”

Source: TechCrunch