Grimm, a new fantasy-based TV series on NBC inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales, has become a big hit among the 18-49 demo (which naturally has a good amount of overlap with gamers). The network has decided to give the show the go ahead to produce a full season.

The show has been tracking up 50 percent in its 9 p.m. Friday time slot over the same period last year in the 18-49 demo. NBC also said it’s going to give Grimm a shot to pick up more viewers with a one-time run in the 10 p.m. time slot on Thursday, Dec. 8. And no, it won’t be a re-run of a previous episode – it will be an original episode, and another original will air the following night in the series’ regular time slot.

Perhaps game publishers might want to consider securing a spot during the series’ time slot