If you haven’t yet see NBC s web-only show, Ctrl, you may want to carve out a few minutes to watch it.

The show stars Tony Hale, best known as the dimwitted brother in the cult-sensation Arrested Development, and is NBC’s experiment in developing shows just for the web, and without the need for constant commercial breaks.

What they do have plenty of is Nestea, as the drink is featured heavily during pivotal scenes and usually in frame with the show’s action.

From JournalNow: {link no longer active}

In this instance, as in other product-integration schemes, the brand is betting that viewers reject a commercial break for “a word from our sponsor,” but are fine with humorous content that mentions the brand more slyly. Give us our comedy, and you can slip the product name in as you like.

We ve embedded the first webisode below, just a few minutes long.  Microsoft is already experimenting with short form shows in the form of 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live, complete with integrated marketing with sponsors like Sprint and Honda.

{link no longer active}