Microsoft has made a big deal out of its Xbox Music service on Xbox 360 and other devices over the past few months, but this week took it to a whole new level with a new app for iOS and Android devices that will let users access their library on those devices.

The Spotify-style music service allows users to access their library with ease through the app, free of charge with full-on ad support. The app features an easy-to-use navigation system, along with a new Radio service, where people can find songs quickly based on what their tastes are. You’ll also have search abilities available through the Bing search tool.

One eventual addition that Microsoft is looking to bring to Xbox Music is the cloud storage system, where users can store and access thousands of songs, without having to worry about the capacity of their hard drives.

The iOS/Android app is available now. If you’ve got a strong Xbox Music library – or you’re just getting started – it’s worth checking out.

Source: GigaOm