Nexon, the Korean gaming company that’s already left its mark with such games as MapleStory and the 3D shooter Combat Arms, made a big move today to expand its presence in the Western gaming market. It has strategically invested an undisclosed amount in Rumble Entertainment, a company that’s currently working on a number of online games in open beta.

These titles include KingsRoad, a medieval action/role-playing adventure; Ballistic, a first-person shooter that utilizes powerful 3D elements; and Nightmare Guardians, a tower defense game with multiplayer potential.

While Nexon had a very successful year in terms of financials – making over $50 million in the first three months of 2013 – very little of that came from the European and North American markets. With this buy-in with Rumble, the publisher hopes to gain more footing with additional AAA titles.

No word yet when Rumble’s projects will come out of beta, but it’s likely going to happen either later this year, or in early 2014.