Right now, most free-to-play games are synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer experiences. However, Ngmoco’s Ben Cousins believes that single player games will eventually be viable for all sorts of experiences.

“I believe that single-player will be the next to be cracked in terms of freemium monetization,” he said. “And I’m talking about traditional, story-based, scripted, linear and non-linear single-player that we see on consoles. I am totally 100 percent confident – I will bet large amounts of money – that we will have, in the next few years, a free-to-play equivalent of Skyrim. A game like Skyrim, where you accrue skills and equipment over time, that you can play for hundreds of hours, is actually one of the easiest games to develop for a free-to-play model. That would be a big hit.”

“In the future I believe free-to-play will be the way that nearly everyone plays games, it will be nearly every genre, and it will be nearly every platform,” Cousins continued.

Source: GI.biz