Increasingly, social and mobile games are seeing increased complexity, with gameplay starting to compare favorably to console counterparts. ngmoco CEO Neil Young indicates that this doesn’t bode well for gaming consoles.

“If you look forward kind of one or maybe even two years it’s not hard to imagine that the console business in the living room is going to get disrupted by tablets in a really meaningful way,” said Young. “You know, AirPlay is a little glimpse in the direction that things are going, and we want to make sure that ngmoco and DeNA are at the very forefront of that and working with the most talented people in the world.”

Young indicated that not only will ngmoco have great games, but there might be major marketing support as well. “DeNA is a big believer in marketing and consumer marketing to drive awareness around games and the network itself. In Japan we’re the #2 advertiser on television, so every seventh commercial you see on television is a Mobage commercial.”

Source: IndustryGamers