The Apple’s iOS devices are gaining traction as a gaming platform all the time, and recently reached the 10 billion download mark from the App Store. Despite this, Charlie Scibetta, Sr. Director of Corp. Comm. for Nintendo of America, doesn’t think that Apple’s success has taken away from their own.

“When it comes to the overall threat from Apple or our competition, there’s a couple of things I can tell you on that. The first is that our primary competition is time. There’s only a certain amount of time people have in every day to do the things they have to do, such as work and sleep and eat. Then you have discretionary time. Our job is to make experiences so compelling that we get the biggest portion of that discretionary time possible. A lot of people want to paint the scenario that in order for the App Store for Apple or any other competitor, for them to enjoy any momentum, it has to be at our expense. I don’t necessarily subscribe to that.

Currently, along with the slew of free games, there are an increasing number of high quality titles for $6 on the App Store; 3DS games look like they will clock in at between $40 – $50 apiece. Nintendo believes, however, they provide better gameplay experiences and high quality IP, along with a market for digital titles on the eShop.

“We’ll have smaller games on the Nintendo eShop. We’re also going to have the experiences that you’re seeing here today, these thirty-plus launch games. I’ll put these games up against anything that’s out there. You put your best out there, and we’ll put our best out there. I like our chances,” said Scibetta. “Take a look at Pro Evo Soccer for example. You have the ability to pass to different players on your team using the touchpad and dual screens. When developers get their hands around all the different options you can do with this system now, you get an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. No matter what the cost, people will pay for quality. If we put out good quality, and I think we have and are going to continue to, I think that people are going to respond because it’s a gaming experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

Source: IndustryGamers