Many are worried that dedicated portable gaming consoles are losing out to smartphones and tablets. To Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, he thinks that “no dedicated gaming systems are worthy of existence unless our games give consumers unparalleled fun.”

Quality is the best way to combat cheap prices of iOS and Android apps, according to Nintendo. Iwata says that Nintendo survived the initial advent of cell phone gaming and will do so again.

“When i-mode for cell phones started in Japan, many people said that, as application software including games worked on cell phones, everyone would play games only with their cell phones because they are practical items they always carry, which would eventually eliminate handheld gaming devices,” he began. “We were asked about this matter many times and answered that we would try something that cannot be done on cell phones. After that, we were able to see the positive result of the Nintendo DS system.”

“On the other hand, it can be said that the fact that Nintendo DS was able to demonstrate the new potential of touch screens, and as a result, created our new rivals called smart devices, I really feel that history is repeating itself,” said Iwata.

Source: CVG