According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the recently announced free-to-play game from Nintendo, Steel Diver, will be fair and balanced to both free players and players who purchase services. Iwata stated that he doesn’t want the game to require people to invest large amounts of money in order to be competitive. In the interest of maintaining good relationships with customers, Nintendo wants it to be easy to get into the game without paying anything as well as avoiding the perceived need to spend thousands of dollars.

Iwata also said that the game would be a new iteration of Steel Diver, one of the launch titles for the 3DS in which players navigated a submarine in a 2D plane. As to the details of this new Steel Diver game, there isn’t much. The game will have a four- player competitive multiplayer mode, and it won’t be a remake of the original 3DS game that was released. If this game is successful though, we might be able to see more franchises from Nintendo’s vast library make the jump to free to play as well.

Source: IGN