Nintendo may be lagging in profits with its below-average Wii U sales, but it still refuses to cower to other consoles, brushing off rumors that some of its classic game library is headed to the mobile market. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata spoke with CVG recently, explaining why the company isn’t going to publish games for other platforms.

“If I was to take responsibility for the company for just the next one or two years, and if I was not concerned about the long-term future of Nintendo at all, it might make sense for us to provide our important franchises for other platforms, and then we might be able to gain some short-term profit,” said Iwata. “However, I’m really responsible for the long-term future of Nintendo as well, so I would never think about providing our precious resources for other platforms at all.”

He went on to explain that Nintendo’s ability to support hardware and software has always been the key to the company’s success.

“What I believe is that Nintendo is a very unique company, because it does its business by designing and introducing people to hardware and software – by integrating them, we can be unique,” Iwata said. “And because we have hardware and software developers in the same building, they stimulate each other. And those kinds of conditions have enabled us to create something that no other companies can create. Those kinds of backgrounds are there behind the fact that such a number of great Nintendo franchises exist, and those great franchises always shine for people around the world.”

With Pikmin 3 now available and more games coming later this year, the Wii U’s fortunes may turn around yet.

Source: GamesIndustry International