For people that like Nokia phones but aren’t fond of the operating system, there’s hope. A fan project called NITDroid lets users install Android on certain Nokia handsets.

“Nokia’s hardware is fantastic but their software is suboptimal, slow, buggy and not always the best user experience,” says Terrence Eden, a U.K.-based mobile consultant. “Android is a much better software environment for Nokia hardware than what Nokia provides.”

“Successes include installing Android 1.6 on a Nokia N810 and Android 2.2 for the Nokia N900. On the N810, everything is pretty much functional. It isn’t a phone so there’s no call functionality to deal with,” says Eden.

Some issues still persist with certain versions and Eden says the change is not for everyone. “It’s not something anyone off the street can do,” he says. “It’s a bit like installing Linux on the PC that you bought off Best Buy.”

Source: Wired {link no longer active}