The Ouya has been seeing steady sales in its first month, but new data shows that only 27 percent of Ouya owners actually shell out for games on the Android console. There are a good amount of games available, but the console features free demos for every game and, in some cases, games are completely free-to-play. The numbers seems to show that Ouya gamers seem content with playing free games and demos instead of upgrading to full versions.

These numbers don’t worry Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman. In an interview with The Verge, she said these numbers fall in line with the console’s free-to-play “try before you buy” model. There may be only an 8 percent attach rate to the paid versions of the top 20 games on the console, but Uhrman says social and mobile app devs “would kill” for these numbers on any new platform.

The biggest seller on the console so far is Matt Thorson’s game TowerFall, earning a total of $21,000 after Ouya’s cut. The console has only been released to the public for a month now, so it’s hard to call the console a success or a failure based on current statistics. In the coming months, Ouya will begin to see competition in the form of other Android consoles, and we’ll see if gamers spend a bit more of their hard-earned cash on software.

Source: IGN