With the PlayStation 4 just a few weeks away from release, many potential buyers still have questions in regards to how the system – and its various services – works. Today, Sony finally answered a variety of those questions – over 150, to be exact – in a Q & A posted on its PlayStation Blog yesterday.

A number of topics are discussed, including what services require Internet activation in order to work, what types of media are supported, physical items with the system, the included hard drive (and replacement information – you can put in your own larger hard drive if you want), technical aspects and a lot more. For instance, PS4 games will not be region locked, and Sony will not be imposing any restrictions on used games. Prospective PS4 buyers will find this FAQ should answer most of their questions – but if you haven’t pre-ordered a PS4, you’re probably going to have a hard time finding one for a while.

The PlayStation 4 launches in stores November 15 here in the United States.

Source: PlayStation Blog