After the dust settled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this year, many gamers thought that Sony would be the clear-cut winner of the next-generation console race. However, if pre-orders have anything to say about it, it’s more along the lines of neck-and-neck.

IGN gathered pre-order data from various retail partners across the United States, and have learned that the gap in reservations between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has dwindled. There’s now only a ten percent difference in pre-orders between the two, with Sony still retaining an edge.

Granted, Microsoft has eased up on a lot of its limitations since E3 a few months ago, including the always-on connectivity and used game restrictions that were first implied. This decreased Sony’s odds a bit, though the lower price point of $399 was expected to be a home run for the company compared to Xbox One’s $499 price tag.

We’ll see where the dust settles after this holiday season, as the Xbox One just released in stores today.

Source: IGN